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Durable Captive Portal Solution
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Durable Captive Portal Solution

  • 2008

    Hello World

    RahuNAS has been started in the campus, it's simply written to solve the scaling problem of an existing captive portal solution. It's fast and reliable which we are using the "ipset" as a work horse.

  • April 2009

    First Server

    The campus, Khonkaen University, Thailand, turn on the first RahuNAS server and serves for serveral networks. It's not bad for in-house solution development.

  • September 2009

    Public Debut

    On Sunday 27, a session in Debian MiniDebConf 2009, Taiwan. Talked about the project and future development plan.

  • 2010

    Secondary School Adoption

    Some north-eastern of Thailand secondary schools have started using RahuNAS. Their feedbacks make the developer team happy, the new captive portal solution is less error, more stable and faster than ever.

  • 2014

    Bugs Squashing Year

    Critical, major and minor bugs have been massively fixed in this year. The development is becoming active.

    Happy Hacking!

  • 2015

    Scale Out For Internet Of Things Era

    Work in progress, Re-architecture as necessary.

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